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Olympus Scans


Olympus is one of the biggest comic and novel websites that publishes content in Spanish. Our goal with this project was to make it as lightweight and agile as possible, reason is simple, it gets more than 36000 request per minute and we don't want to see any sluggish.

To achieve this, we had to utilise Browser and CSS. In short, Javascript is a heavy thing, and we tried to avoid it. Animations, transitions, icons are completely written in CSS. Reactivity was removed from most sections. The size of components on the site were kept small. This gave us a tremendous application with low browser rendering time. To relief the server from the requests, we utilise various caching methods both in and out of the server. We also had to rewrite the image processing and queuing systems because of the large number of visitors and content uploaders on the site at the same time.

Main Features

  • Light and agile structure.
  • Advanced group, role and permission system.
  • Various caching methods.
Swordflake Sapphire v2

Sapphire v2

Sapphire v2 is a novel and comic reading website. Our goal with this project was to cover everything that every community in the industry, from small to large, could need.

v1 was an application that appealed to small groups and could be hosted on small servers, in v2, on the contrary, we wanted to address everything that could be needed in a large site, such as novels, comics, team recruitment, forums, blogs, coins, comment system, member moderation and banning system, public profiles and readlists.

Main Features

  • Very comprehensive.
  • Highly flexible.
A__o io


It was a project that would begin with novels and later include comic series. Our goal for this project was to create an extremely comprehensive and very flexible structure while maintaining speed and performance.

Since the content of the site is about novels, we created a custom JSON text editor. The reason we chose JSON was to increase the potential and flexibility of the project by embedding various data in the content. For example, the JSON Text Editor could be used to add comments, donations or bug reports to lines or paragraphs.

Unfortunately, this project didn't continue.



It was an archive of the online web tools. The aim was to offer these tools to users for free, without showing adverts. And respecting to the source by sharing their links and references.

For this reason, we need to make the project completely serverless and deployable at the edge, as we did in our Life is self seeking project, so that it does not cost and does not incur losses. The project contains dozens of tools, a few of them are; Antilog Calculator, Acid-test Ratio Calculator, Pixel & Character Counter, Size Converter, Tempeture Converter.

Main Features

  • Fully serverless & deployable at edge, zero cost.
  • Light weight & blazing fast.
  • Does not collect visitor information.
invoice maker

Invoice Maker

Created as an online web tool, it is a free invoice creator tool that can be used through the site. Unfortunately, there are no English versions of the invoices issued in Turkey. Therefore, company owners who want to export are looking for a way to deliver their invoice to the other party.

In order to download the created invoice file from the browser, we first convert the created invoice to PDF with the help of a pollyfil. It works only for the purpose without collecting any visitor information on the site.

Main Features

  • It works through the browser without the need to download.
  • Completely free compared to other platforms.
  • Does not collect visitor information.
life is self seeking

Life is self seeking

It is a blog site where articles on psychology and norms are shared. Our biggest priority in this project was to use the site in a serverless way, deploy it to the edge, and use it indefinitely without any cost.

In order to achieve something like this, we first need to decide how we will store our data, that is, our articles. We chose to use File-Based CMS for this project, but it was not working properly without running on the server, and we decided not to go for something like this because cloudflare, which the platform we will deploy, charges per server side function. After all, our goal was to be able to use our site indefinitely without any fee. Therefore, while building the project, we processed and used the data as Service Worker.

Main Features

  • Fully serverless & deployable at edge, zero cost.
  • Light weight & blazing fast.
  • No data lose chance.
Swordflake Sapphire v1

Sapphire v1

Sapphire v1 is a comic reading application without membership features. Our goal in this project was to provide a fast and comfortable space for small groups.

With this platform, everything on the site can be cached either inside or outside the server, and it has become able to handle enormous numbers of visitors even on the smallest servers while providing good user interface.

Main Features

  • All server responses cached. So fast.
  • Can be hosted on very small servers
  • Can handle enormous amount of visitors.
karagol real estate


Karagol is a group that finds properties in the Aegean region for you and brings you the most affordable prices and is transparent about the percentage it receives. Our aim in this project was to make the best possible search engine optimisation (SEO) and to offer a design with a high user interface.

In order to optimise the search engines, we first split the site into two URL paths, /en and /, so that we can reach the target we want in both English and Turkish search engines, and to convince people who see the site in search engines to come, we used the Rich Snippets. In order to make the incoming visitor satisfied with the site, every part that involves user interactivity, including page transitions, was visually animated and a smooth transition was ensured.

Main Features

  • Multilingual.
  • Rich snippets, and search engine optimisation.
  • Visually animated and smooth transitions.
  • Easy admin dashboard to manage the site.
zero scans


It was an urgent project, and like our previous project it was an online comic reading site. So we promised them a 2-month completion time. We wanted to create the design using material design principles. Our goal in this project was to minimise server costs and reduce the number of incoming requests, while following material design to deliver satisfactory results in terms of both user interface and user experience.

To prevent the number of requests coming to the server, we had to solve them either in proxy server (such as Cloudflare) or in the browser. So we did both, we cached the search, archive page, rankings and many other sections (not so dynamic places) of the website on the user's browser and Cloudflare's server, in result this relieved the server a lot. We are proud to say that costs have been reduced by more than 50% while providing more features.

Main Features

  • Uploaded chapters are automatically compressed, coverted to the WEBP, and split into 3000px height chunks.
  • Precautions such as notification system to management when server resource usage is high, and temporary and permanent trash bin system.
  • A queuing system has been added so that the server doesn't get overwhelmed during the content upload process due to the large amount of content being uploaded at the same time.
manga gecesi


It was the largest comic site in Turkish and an ambitious project. The biggest challenge was user actions, there were too many variables related to users. A few of them were the moderation panel for reviews and comments, which includes shadow/temporary/permanent bans, managing and administering user purchases and subscriptions, user profile customization, advanced user and reading page settings.

It would be lying if we said it didn't take a lot of time to complete the project. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, the payment and subscription service was never opened to the public. Still, we gained a lot of experience building such a comprehensive site for a large audience.

Main Features

  • Uploaded chapters are automatically compressed.
  • A queuing system has been added so that the server doesn't get overwhelmed during the content upload process due to the large amount of content being uploaded at the same time.
  • User dynamic role permission system, profile, statistics, comments, reviews, ban and punishment management.